The Joy of Wholeness

Whatever our beliefs or experience, deep down,
we are all looking to feel whole and to experience the joy of wholeness.

What do you feel in your body when you find yourself disconnected?
Perhaps you identify with the heaviness or confusion of being stressed out?
Maybe you even feel stuck, as if you reached a point of no return?
How often do you experience the Joy of Wholeness for yourself?

The question is how do you access the joy of wholeness when you find yourself out of it?

Common & Uncommon Tips
to Access the Joy of Wholeness
  1. GO IN NATURE: We get a taste of wholeness when we spend time savoring nature. When we soak up the warm energy of the sun, the calming energy of a forest, or the energy of any of the earth elements, we feel connected to something bigger than us, and we can access this joy of wholeness, even when temporary.
  2. HELP OTHERS: When the going gets tough, a great thing to do is to go help someone in need. Not as a way to escape your troubles so much as to distance yourself from your specific situation and allow a new perspective to emerge later on. Helping someone else connects you to your heart wisdom. This can lead you to find a heart solution to your personal challenge.
  3. BODY AWARENESS: Focusing on feeling your body whether you are walking, standing, sitting or dancing is a great way to reconnect with the present moment and as such, it helps you shed mind-created stress. It’s one beneficial aspect of the type of yoga that can bring you to a non-judgmental level of presence where you can do no wrong. Instead of trying to control your body, you work with your body intelligence you to appreciate all you are and gives you a sense of wholeness.
  4. INTEGRATED FUNCTIONING: My students and I have noticed that when our body functions as the integrated whole it is meant to be, we experience a lightness of being and the joy of wholeness. The beauty of integrated functioning is that you can connect to it on demand at any time, in any situation, even as you are working. It feels great because suddenly, you are cooperating with your whole-body intelligence. You feel “whole” as a wave of softening melts all excess tension within your body into your support yet your skeletal structure doesn’t compress into a slouch. As illustrated below, integrated functioning combined with nature gives you a deep sense of wholeness. Upper back and upper chest are both equally open.

Can anyone do that? Yes, absolutely, anyone can reconnect with Integrated Functioning!

At a basic level, integrated functioning means that all your body parts are working together harmoniously. It implies that your mind and your body are working together through mindfulness. At a more complex level, it means that your mind, body, heart and soul are in alignment which promotes integrated living. But then again, you start wherever you are. It is never about perfection. Rather it is about expanded awareness and practicing a deliberate intention in action towards a worthy goal.

Your Whole-Body Intelligence is an ambassador for Universal Intelligence, whatever that is for you. It knows the blueprint of how everything is supposed to function for optimal efficiency, as long as you do not interfere – consciously or unconsciously – with preconceived ideas about movements and posture.

If this speaks to you and you want to get a taste of integrated functioning, join me for this upcoming workshop on January 19, 2023 by clicking on this link: Healing Chronic Tension or Pain using a Unique Way.

Cécile Raynor has been teaching for 30 years, published the Wise Way to Yoga as well as numerous articles, and she was featured several times both on TV and on an “Expanded Awareness” radio show. Her blog has been read by thousands of people in over 100 different countries. Her work is based on the Alexander Technique, the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers. They swear by it because it allows them to perform at their best with optimal safety. Although it is now commonly used by everyone. She also created the Body Intelligence Activation Process™, a mind, body, heart and spirit work that affects her students in all aspects of their life as they experience increased wellbeing.

Cécile has been helping people with poor posture, chronic muscular tension and pain, joints issues and headaches reclaim their ease of movement, their natural good posture, and the joy and peace of mind brought by well-being. She has also been a mentor for many students interested in embodied and integrated personal growth.

Cécile can be reached by responding to this blog or by contacting her through her website