Cécile is a gifted teacher, has magical hands and a big heart. Our weekly sessions helped my mind and body to move in a positive direction, and I remain grateful for the work we did together. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who has an interest in the Alexander Technique and is eager to learn from a skilled practitioner and educator. Adam, Lawyer.

I don’t know if I can put into words how important Cecile has been to the quality of life I’ve enjoyed over the years she has been my teacher. I was in misery from back and shoulder pain after years of working as an artist/craftsman. I couldn’t work for more than a few hours a day and couldn’t sleep at night from the pain. I was a skeptic, but I was desperate. Cécile helped me through that crisis and opened me up to much more. I continue to study with her to this day, finding I have more flexibility, better balance, and more energy than I ever had. I’ve even gotten a little taller.”  – Marc, Artist/Craftsman

“Cécile opened many new doors for me, and I continue to get deep benefits 5 years into my study with her, thanks to her profoundly integrated and intuitive way of teaching movement, which incorporates not only traditional Alexander Technique, but also Thai Yoga massage and a deeply meaningful, practical and non-flakey spiritual outlook. This warm and centered spiritual outlook informs everything she does, especially her teaching. You know you can trust her because she practices what she teaches, and because of her utter sincerity at all times. Cecile has really changed my life and I’m very grateful to her!”John, Music Professor and Performer

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