In essence, the Alexander Technique helps you use your mind awareness and your nervous system to change habitual patterns that are creating your chronic tension or pain. We all know that good posture is key, yet we have inherited some misconceptions around movement and posture from the bodybuilders who were the founders of Modern Fitness and who influenced Modern yoga as well.

The thing is, the best way to be in your body for effortless good posture has nothing to do with the common positioning of your body into “correct posture”. It is not about the activities you do or do not do. Rather, it has to do with “how you use your body” whatever you may be doing. It is about functioning in an integrated way which allows you to experience a state of expansion. This naturally results in ease of movement, natural good posture, good coordination and balance. It is about responding to life rather than reacting to it, thus regaining a sense of freedom from habits enslavement of body and mind.


When you learn to not interfere with the optimal functioning of your body intelligence,
you can reclaim the ease in your movements, the poise in your posture
and you also experience positive changes in how you behave.

It is not about perfection but right intention in action.
It creates expanded awareness and new possibilities in all aspects of your life.