3 Unique Pathways to Heal Chronic Pain

This 3-video sequence on the “3 Pathways to Healing Chronic Tension or Pain” is designed to help you discover 3 foundational ways to developing natural good posture and ease of movement for a pain-free body. In the first video, you discover where modern fitness…


Can Posture Gadgets Help? + Tip!

While I was checking some catalogs for my holiday shopping, I noticed how many posture gadgets are advertised as the answer to people with a posture challenge. Are they really helpful? It is a known fact that “Good Posture” is desirable, not just for…

Pain Management vs Pain Healing

Do you experience recurring tension or pain?
If it comes back no matter what you do, then you have been managing your tension or pain but you have not yet created the healing space necessary for it to clear.

The 3 Secrets to Back Tension Relief

The Shadow Side of Stretching Tension When your back is tight, is stretching your first way of handling it?  And how does it work for you over time? Does your back feel awfully good when you stretch? Yet, you need to keep stretching that…