Can Posture Gadgets Help? + Tip!

While I was checking some catalogs for my holiday shopping, I noticed how many posture gadgets are advertised as the answer to people with a posture challenge. Are they really helpful?

It is a known fact that “Good Posture” is desirable, not just for your looks but also for your mind and body health. Yet, there is a widespread misconception around posture which prevents most people to enjoy “natural good posture”. As a result, people everywhere are spending gazillions of dollars on “Posture Gadgets or Devices”. The question is, what can we expect from these popular gadgets?

There are two main categories of gadgets or devices: the wearable ones to prevent slouching (such as posture braces) and those using a device that let you know when you are slouching like the I-Posture or the UpRight wearable devices.

The fact is “Good Posture” means “Natural Good Posture” and it is a whole body happening. Posture is not something we were designed to think about, correct and hold constantly.

It is the expression of a body that functions as an integrated whole, like in children.

On the one end, positioning isolated body parts with your muscles or with a brace cannot give you what you’re after. You’ve been told to lift your chest and pull your shoulders back to straighten up, only to slouched right back down within minutes. Does this sound familiar?

The secret to “Good Posture” is to reclaim the integrated functioning of your body as a whole. It means discovering and letting go of the unconscious habits interfering with the natural way to be in your body.

On the other end, when you know how to function as the integrated whole that you are, devices that remind you that you are slouching could be helpful because you then know how to work with your body intelligence. It brings you back to natural good posture which is sustainable without any help over time.

The beauty of this process is that it can be experienced instantly. Integrated functioning is a gift that keeps on giving as you stay curious and mindful. It empowers your body intelligence to perform at its best which helps you reduce, eliminate, or prevent the chronic tension and pain created when your body is being misused or overused.

It allows you to feel taller and lighter!

Suggestions for Integrated Functioning:
1. Decrease muscular control of your movements to empower your body intelligence
2. Increase your awareness of your skeleton movement blueprint, each bone move guides the others
3. Stay balanced above your support as you sit or move

Tip for Integrated Functioning in Action:
Pick up a grocery bag or something of similar bulk and weight. Observe how your muscles work to hold the bag. Then allow your armpits to soften and notice what else happens as a result. Possibly your shoulder muscles release and your shoulders drop down and widen? What about your arm muscles? Or even your whole body? Are you becoming more aware of your skeleton support when you let go of unnecessary tension in your muscles?

You may even feel that the more you release without letting your release pull your skeletal structure down, the taller you can get! When exploring this further, you discover that muscular control is overrated and even in the way of your wellbeing! So, play with this anytime you have a chance and know that this is a first step towards improving your posture organically.

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