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  • Repetitive Stress Injury sufferers or people experiencing pain in the neck, shoulders, back, or joints (wrist, hip, knee, ankle) often due to a combination of misuse and overuse
  • Musicians, singers, dancers, actors, and sports enthusiasts
  • People involved in physically or mentally demanding occupations such as teacher, massage therapist, physical therapist, or computer user, airplane pilot, traveling consultants, nurses, editors, graphic designers
  • People suffering from tension headaches or breathing problems
  • People who tend to get hurt despite regular exercise or while they exercise
  • Pregnant women and people taking care of children
  • Anyone interested in self-discovery or self-improvement

The video below was made by Thomas Glen Cook and appeared on Vimeo with his description of the video:

"This film does not define what the Alexander Technique is, nor did it ever intend to. It is rather an attempt to capture an impression, a rough sketch of Alexander's discovery with a mosaic of voices. For those who have had lessons, these voices will surely resonate with a sense of familiarity. For those who have never encountered the Alexander Technique, perhaps these voices will spark a curiosity to learn more."

Experience Speaks for the Alexander Technique from Thomas Glen Cook on Vimeo.