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"For a technique that may seem subtle on some level, the Alexander Technique can create dramatic changes. As a result of taking lessons with CÚcile, I am able to read my own body and use it better. I am standing taller and moving more freely whether I am simply walking or at the gym. As a singer, it has improved my vocal performance and stage presence. Because I feel more grounded, I am focusing better and achieving my goals faster. Cecile's knowledge and intuition have given me invaluable insight that will continue to empower me for the rest of my life."

Ben Blanchard, Performer

"I want to tell how much CÚcile has helped me with a variety of things: teaching me to calm my body and mind, ridding my hands of pain (most days) and opening my mind up to alternative healing methods and diet."

Mark Riley, Executive

"I came to CÚcile with significant physical limitations due to a lifelong history of orthopedic problems. I was open-minded but quite skeptical about how much good the Alexander Technique would do me.

CÚcile clearly is extremely gifted, as well as meticulously trained in this technique. From the very first lesson I gained insights that led to a healthier way of approaching some of the most basic daily movements. As I continued with Alexander lessons, I experienced a very gradual, but clear and continuous improvement in my day-to-day mobility and flexibility.

As a physician (I'm a primary care internist) and as a patient, I enthusiastically endorse the Alexander Technique and most highly recommend CÚcile Raynor's skillful work. "

Anne Winiker, Physician

"I can not speak highly enough of CÚcile. She is a sweet and wonderful person who really cares about her patients in both a mind and body way. As we know with RSI not just your hands are involved, your whole body contributes to this problem. I went to CÚcile on blind faith not really knowing anything about the Alexander Technique and was amazed. I had been having so much pain in my upper back from bad posture that I was for days confined to the floor. After one visit with her my upper back pain was gone and never came back...I was so blown over by the power of the Alexander Technique that I considered becoming a teacher! "

Anonymous online student recommendation

"I found both the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi very useful for learning how to sit at a computer and use voice recognition in a relaxed way. They are also a key reason why I can now do things like juggle and play violin and recorder without hurting my hands. I found Tai Chi to be too hard on my hands when I was in acute pain, but once I was a little better, it helped speed the healing process. "

Kim Patch, Computer Science Writer

"We live in a culture that puts heavy demands on our central nervous systems. As I study the Alexander Technique with CÚcile, I am learning to feel and release deep tensions that I have habitually held in my body and my mind. I have been able to integrate many of the Alexander Principles into my practice of Qigong and meditation with great success. I find the Alexander Technique a profound form of experiential learning. "

Mary Harris, Teacher