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See Before and After


Teachers guide their students verbally as well as physically using a delicate touch. Students spend part of a lesson lying down on a table; they are also guided through simple activities such as getting in and out of a chair, bending, sitting, walking, or getting up after lying down.

Teachers also work with particular relevant activities such as working with a computer or playing a musical instrument.

CÚcile teaches the Alexander Technique with a unique style developed by her enthusiasm for her work, her compassion for her students, and her ability to communicate with clarity both through verbal and hands-on guidance.

Before; A common slouch, a pain producing habitual pattern corrupting our natural state of being which is Effortless Poise
After: Effortless poise at work, a birthright to reclaim for fluid motion and a comfortable body in everyday activities

The difference between the two is learning how to stimulate your postural reflexes so that the muscles do a minimum amount of work instead of going on overdrive with excess tension. Holding oneself in what we think is good posture is neither comfortable, nor natural....which is why we loose that forced balanced as fast as we got into it! Ever had that experience?