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From Natural Awakenings Boston:

Natural Awakenings, July 2012 - A Technique For Better Sitting, Moving and Exercising
(please refer to page 29)

From the Alexander Technique Magazine:

AmSAT News / Summer 2010 - The Alexander Technique, Non-Doing, and Expanded Awareness

From the Boston Women's Journal:

BWJ December 2004 - The Alexander Technique: A Tool To Higher Consciousness!

BWJ October 2004 - Efficient and Safe Exercising With the Alexander Technique

BWJ August 2004 - Pregnancy, Parenting & the Alexander Technique

BWJ June 2004 - The Alexander Technique & Repetitive Stress Injuries!

BWJ April/May 2004 - The Alexander Technique: A Tool To Reach Your Hightest Potential That Performers Have Used For Over 100 Years!

BWJ February/March 2004 - The Alexander Technique: A Way to Promote Effortless Posture and Fluid Movement!

Other articles:

The Alexander Technique: A Tool For Dancers and Yoga Practitioners To Reclaim Full Use of Their Postural Reflexes